Amir Khan’s video leak sparks mass fear

January 18, 2017

A-LIST British male celebrities are braced for embarrassment after a mass leak of sex tapes made with glamour models on Skype.

A high-profile ex-England international footballer, a star BBC presenter, a Hollywood actor and an X Factor favourite are all said to be “panicked” that clips made using the video call service could now be released.

George Sampson
Britain’s Got Talent winner George Sampson is one of many celebrities who has had their sex tape posted online

According to The Sun, an international X-rated website has already published intimate videos of medal-winning Olympic gymnast Louis Smith, 27, 2008 Britain’s Got Talent winner George Sampson, 23, and current Celebrity Big Brother contestant Calum Best, 35.

Gold medallist diver Chris Mears, Coronation Street’s Shayne Ward, ex-Strictly Come Dancing contestant Ben Cohen, The Only Way Is Essex star Kirk Norcross and X Factor hunk Sam Callahan have also seen intimate recordings put online.

Louis Smith
British Olympian Louis Smith has also had X-rated clip published to a porn site

The Sun told yesterday how Amir Khan had been left humiliated after the release of a three-year old recording of the boxer engaging in a solo sex act.

Insiders say the wholesale release of the videos this week comes after the celebrity sex tape specialists Celebrity Busted had one of their accounts hacked.

Calum Best
CBB’s Calum Best is another star who has fallen victim to having their Skype sex tapes posted leaked

A source revealed: “Celebrity Busted has become notorious for its collection of pictures and sex tapes of famous men that they have collected over the years.

“They have published select highlights on their social media accounts of some of the stars but many have remained secret.

Amir Khan
Other A-listers are said to be fearing mass sex tape leaks after we yesterday revealed Amir Khan’s in on an online porn site

“Their archive is thought to include pics and videos of very high-profile celebrity men, including two of the BBC’s household names, very well-known British movie and soap actors, and pop stars too.

“It looks like one of Celebrity Busted’s accounts has been hacked and that’s why the videos of Amir Khan, Louis Smith, George Sampson and Calum Best are all now being released.

Louis Smith
Celebs like Louis Smith are often tricked into engaging in solo sex acts whilst talking to female glamour models – unaware their videos are being recorded

“There’s a group of celebs who are panicked that there could be more to come.”

All the celebrities in the videos are engaging in solo sex acts while in a two-way conversation with female glamour models who are not identified in the online postings.

It is very easy for Skype calls to be recorded by either participant by downloading a simple piece of technology.

The source explained: “This is a case of famous celebrities being approached by beautiful glamour models via social media sites like Twitter or Instagram.

“They swap Skype usernames and arrange to have phone sex over the video service.

“It’s possible to record the Skype conversations so the assumption is that the models have made recordings which are then given to Celebrity Busted and ­ultimately leaked online.”

Amir Khan and Faryal
The video is said to show ‘Amir Khan performing a sex act on himself’ reportedly ‘weeks after wedding to Faryal’

The Celebrity Busted Tumblr page has posted links to leaked videos of British reality stars including Celebrity Big Brother’s Stephen Bear, Charlie Healy from X Factor band The Risk and The Apprentice candidate James Hill.

Celebrity Busted previously said the Shayne Ward video was not released by them.

Model Faryal has not commented on her husband’s sex tape revelations, instead taking to social media to post a photo of Amir with their daughter

A message on their Twitter account said: “I did not release, nor did I have any intention to release any content of them.

“The videos were hacked from our Dropbox account.”

The Twitter account has since been shut down for posting inappropriate content.


CELEBS will have difficulty getting the sex tapes removed from the internet because they are posted abroad, a top lawyer said.

Despite new “revenge porn” legislation in the UK, British courts are virtually powerless over the videos.
Victims would need to apply to courts abroad — a long and expensive process.
Top QC Julian Knowles said: “Once things start circulating on social media, it is very difficult.
“Even if the men went to court here and got an injunction against the woman or websites involved, almost inevitably it goes international and it becomes virtually impossible to put the fire out.”

She posted a picture of the pair on Snapchat and the caption: “My two babies.”

Amir and Faryal married in 2013, and had daughter Lamaisah the following year
Amir and Faryal married in 2013, and had daughter Lamaisah the following year

We told how Amir, 30, faced new personal turmoil after his long-rumoured sex tape emerged on the internet and that three further videos were said to have been touted for sale.

It is bad timing for the boxer as Faryal is involved in an explosive public feud with his family members.


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