An Errol Spence Jr post-crash interview

December 22, 2019

Unified welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr. spoke openly for the first time on Saturday night since surviving a shocking car crash in October.

Spence was the lone occupant of a high-powered Ferrari Spider 488 when it spun out of control and flipped several times. Not wearing his seatbelt may well have saved the boxer’s life as he was thrown from the vehicle before the worst happened.

It’s also lucky no other cars where involved, though. Spence could have been facing charges a lot more serious than the DUI he’s charged with at this moment.

Despite talking to PBC on FOX’s Brian Kenny for a few minutes, Spence was unable to talk too much about the details due to a pending legal case. What he did say is that he’s fully functional.

Spence is ready to get to work for a return to the sport in 2020.


“I really was just sore,” Spence told Kenny when asked about the extent of his injuries.

“My whole body was just sore.

“It was, I guess, a miracle from God. He protected me during the accident because anyone else would probably have been killed.

“It was a blessing from God that I was able to make it safe. I’m able to return back to boxing next year – no restrictions. I’ve been cleared.

“They’ve done all kinds of scans on me. They think it’s a miracle.

“I don’t remember too much. But I can’t really talk about the case too much I’ve been advised by my lawyers. It’s still a pending case going on.

“I’ll definitely get through it. I’m fighting in May or June. I’ll be back real soon,” he added.


The likes of Manny Pacquiao and both Garcia’s in Danny and Mikey have been linked to facing Spence upon his comeback.

Talking a good game, it’s far more likely Spence will be pitted against his IBF mandatory challenger Kudratillo Abdukakhorov. That’s the current stipulation laid down.

Also, it’s probably the correct road to go down in order to ease his way into trading punches again.

Having a clean bill of health is all good and well for Spence, but those mental scars of what he went through that night and continues to contemplate may never fully heal the way he’d like.


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