April 25: What A Day!

April 25, 2019


On this day 25 April 1963 (Exactly 56 years ago), John Samuel Kwame Frimpong “Teacher Frimpong”, the man who gave the name Asante Kotoko to the Club some 84 years ago, died prematurely to the deepest regret of all members of Asante Kotoko Sporting Club.

All other football fans all over the country were shocked at his sudden death, and paid him fitting tributes regarding his contributions to Asante Kotoko in particular and to football in the country as a whole.

Frimpong was a very resolute person, who once he had made up his mind, stood firmly by his decisions.

He had a dynamic personality and also tremendous belief in himself and in whatever he did.

Nicknamed “Neoplan of Soccer” by the Kotoko players, Frimpong was a brave man. He was never afraid to make a decision even if it was unpopular.

He would not side with the crowd so as to achieve cheap popularity. He always had the courage of his convictions. He was a man of determined, rigid principles who believed in discipline and had little patience with anyone who did not share that belief.

This explains why he became unpopular with the players at the end of his tenure of office as Chairman.

On January 19, 1962, a number of Asante Kotoko players declared that they wanted a change in the management of the Club.

On January 20, 1962, a delegation led by Wilberforce Mfum handed over a document to the Director of Sports, Mr Ohene Djan, setting out the reasons why they considered a change necessary.

The delegation added that, if the Central Organisation of Sports failed to take the necessary action, a number of active players might refuse to play in the Kotoko team thus preventing Kotoko from continuing to take part in the League.

In a statement issued by the Director of Sports at the players ‘ request, the Director said that it would not be in the interest of Ghana Sports to encourage confusion and misunderstanding among the rank and file of the Asante Kotoko Club.

“I have, therefore, directed that Mr A. E. Sampson, Deputy Administrative Finance and Functions Officer of the C. O. S. stationed in Kumasi, should take over from the present Executive of the Club, in consultation with the players, and set up, as a matter of urgency, an interim management Committee to administer the affairs of the club pending investigations into the allegations, ” Mr Ohene Djan concluded.

The Central Organisation of Sports (C.O.S) appointed a committee to probe the allegations of mal- administration made against the Executive Committee of Asante Kotoko Sporting Club.

The members of the Committee were : Mr T. B. Maison, who was then the Administrative Secretary of the C. O. S; Mr. H. Peter Swaniker, an Accra Barrister, Mr Moro Lafia, Superitentdent of Police, C. I. D; Mr F. K. Tetteh, a chartered accountant of the Bank of Ghana and Mr A. E. Sampson of the C. O. S; Kumasi.

The following persons representing the interest of the Kotoko players were to help the Committee:

J. A. Yankson of the Farmers ‘ Council, Kumasi, Nana Osei Yaw, Kyidomhene, N. Y. B. Addae, a Kumasi Barrister, Yaw Attafuah Gyimah and Wilberforce Mfum.

The terms of reference of the Committee were:

1. To investigate complains of the regular players of the club and to report whether such complains constituted mal -administration and bad leadership, and

2. To determine whether such complains were capable of confusing and upsetting the ordinary members of the Club and to recommend accordingly.


Kwame Frimpong had no time and patience to submit to Ohene Djan’s probe committee, and he resigned with the entire Executive on January 27, 1962.

The Director of Sports was compelled to call off the work of the probe committee which was due to start at the Kumasi Sports Stadium the following day.

Following the resignation of Kwame Frimpong, veteran sports writer Mr K. A. M. Gyimah wrote an article in the Ashanti Pioneer under the heading “Wanted : A De Gaulle For Asante Kotoko”.

“Kumasi Asante Kotoko Sporting Club — one of the fabulous clubs in Ghana and the Pride of Ashanti, has a disease more harmful than cancer within its walls. The soccer cancer of Kotoko starts its nefarious activities when the Club has caught public eyes and is making giant strides and on the apex of the ladder. The cancer scornfully pulls it down but the Asante Kotoko has never been disgraced. It might be the mischievous doings of one or two disgruntled members to enrich themselves at the expense of the great Club and the Ashanti nation but the Club marches on.
These mischievous acts start at the beginning of every football season and, like great France until General Charles De Gaulle came, this great Club of Ashanti, since 1958, had removed from office no less than three chairmen and all their executives end bloc on flimsy charges that had never been substantiated.

“Jacob Dickson Amuah relieved Mr William Donkor soon after the 1957 elections and, before he and his executives were a year old, the cancer had started to eat deep into them. This first attempt was abortive. But when in 1959, a disciplinary action was taken against certain players, the matter had soccer -politics savour. The Regional Commissioner of Ashanti had to step in: the accounts books of Kotoko were seized.

“A Committee was appointed to go into the finances of the Club; for it had been alleged that Amuah and his lieutenant had misappropriated no less than three thousand pounds of the Club’s money for an alleged securing of “Black juju” to keep the Club on its feet. It was after Amuah and his band had put Kotoko on the soccer map, winning the Aspro and the League Cups which made them ‘Champion of Champions ‘. Amuah and his band made their exits in March 1959.
“In stepped John Samuel Kwame Frimpong –call him ‘Teacher Frimpong’ –the man who gave the name Asante Kotoko to the Club some 26 years ago.

“But when he disciplined two players the trouble started. It was during the latter stages of the 1961/62 season. The fire spread wide when a star player was suspended; Frimpong and his executives resigned end bloc….

Else Where:

On this day 25 April 1999 (Exactly 20 years ago) A hat-trick by Ishmael Addo and two goals from Emmanuel Adjogu were more than enough for Accra Hearts of Oak to send away Dawu Youngsters 5-1 in their ninth-week ABC Golden Lager Premier Football League match played at the Accra Sports Stadium.

Joshua Kennedy scored the lone goal for Dawu in the 18th minute.

On this day 25 April 2004 (Exactly 15 years ago) Dasoman-based Liberty Professionals romped into the second round of the inaugural CAF Confederations Cup in an emphatic style when they beat Petro Huambo of Angola 5 -1 in the return leg encounter at the Accra Sports Stadium.

Liberty progressed on a 5-2 aggregate having lost the first leg encounter by a lone goal in Luanda two weeks earlier .

Goal Scorers:

David Boateng (35) Felix Baffoe (58) Osei Akoto (59) Eric Bekoe (83) Mark Adu Amofa (90+2) – -Juburo (P86)

Liberty Line-up: Patrick Antwi, Mustpha Essuman, Wahid Mohammed, Agyeman Hanson, Issifu Ansah, David Addo, Stanley Afedzi, Osei Akoto, Felix Baffoe/Eric Bekoe (79th minute) David Boateng/ Mark Amofa (83rd minute) Michael Helegbe/Jonathan Quartey (75th minute).

Petro Huambo Line-up : Capessa, Marcos, Dinho, Faushino, Xilo/Vunda (64th minute), Dyusse, Nqueno, Eliseu, Bonicio/Dudu (67th minute), Jaburo, Mano/Caricoco (61st minute).

On this day 25 April 2010 (Exactly 9 years ago) Accra Hearts of Oak recorded their highest score of the season when they beat Sekondi Hasaacas 5 -0 in the 27th Week Premier League match at the Accra Sports Stadium.

Goal Scorers:

Mahatma Otoo(4,74) Samuel Affum (42)
Tawrick Jibril (83,86)



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