Arsenal set to help out ‘stranded’ Eboue

December 27, 2017
The Gunners cult hero admitted he's broke and down on his luck after losing his fortune

Since he hit rock-bottom and admitted he had contemplated suicide Emmanuel Eboue has been inundated by football fans wishing him well – and now former club Arsenal are set to become involved in a bid to help.

Gunners cult hero Eboue revealed he had seriously considered taking his own life after financial mismanagement has left him penniless, with a bitter divorce meaning he has been estranged from his three children since the summer.

But the North London side – who he played for between 2005 and 2011 – are set to examine ways they can support the popular Eboue.

Emmanuel Eboue's revelations he'd considered suicide have shocked the world of football 

His former club Galatasaray rallied by offering him an academy coaching role in Turkey

However, his beloved Arsenal have now said they will 'explore' ways they too can help him

Sportsmail contacted the Premier League giants to ask if they had considered helping the 34-year-old after his former club Galatasaray announced they had offered him an academy coaching role in Turkey.

An Arsenal spokesman responded by saying: ‘We are all so sorry to hear the reports about Manu’s recent difficulties and will explore whether we can help in any way.’

The news Arsenal are set to offer Eboue help will delight the former right-back – not to mention the club’s legions of supporters – after he said he had to sleep on a friend’s floor and barely has enough cash for an Oyster card.

Arsenal fans everywhere are hoping their club can help the popular Eboue get back on his feet

The world of football had been shocked to learn Eboue has hit hard times, not least because the Ivory Coast star who won 79 caps took home a seven-digit sum every year during his time in North London, earning a further £1.5 million annually playing for Galatasaray.

But with help now appearing to be on its way from his beloved Arsenal, Eboue’s spirits will surely be raised – along with concerned football fans everywhere.


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