July 28, 2019

Continued from Part 2:



Q: Reference made to page 5 paragraph 4 CDM’s report:
where Mr. Yeboah was mentioned. He wants to know when a
person becomes a delegate and member for Team Ghana?

A: By Witness ‘1’. It is a process and I believe invitations were
sent from GOC office to all Federations in January 2017 by
e-mail for Federations to submit their list of athletes and

This was done at a time when I was not the Chief of Mission (CDM). This list when I became the Chief was maintained.

Then there is the International Games Committee and an ALO. No correspondence without my approval was to be made. But things happened without my knowledge.

When the issue of padding the list came up, I asked the ALO Hussein
about it who said some of the entries were made by Evans
Yeboah President of Badminton and I had discussions with
Evans Yeboah at the Games village and he confirmed the names that they were part of his Badminton list.

Q: In the system there are only places for either an athlete or
official. I discovered that the Head of Security was on the short list, final approved list. Which federation did he represent either as athlete or official?

A: Melvin Brown was an official who did not belong to any of the participating Federations. He works for National Security. He was placed under the list of team official in charge of security.

Q: We have an International Games Committee (IGC) NSA, Ministry, Athletes Technical Team, Pressmen and Parliamentary Select Committee.

These are officials of team Ghana who have to be placed under a Federation. The two persons I have mentioned, I placed their names as members of the International Games Committee.

A: Witness I says everybody on the long list was given a non-valid pass to be submitted in Australia. I took pictures for the 109 and all other officials. He promised to make it available to the Committee.

Witness ‘1’ makes available to
the Committee additional Exhibits.

On 5/9/2018 the Committee invited Mr. Evans Yeboah to further crossexamine Witness ‘1’ in respect of the testimony of Witness ‘1’

Q: Who is responsible for entries into the system at all material times?

A: I had indicated that the process for Gold Coast 2018 had
commenced before my appointment as CDM.

At the time of my appointment Team Size Calculator 1 and 2 had
already been completed and the data captured. For these purposes, I did not know who acted as ALO for those entries.

At the time of my appointment, Francis Asare Nana Yaw was my ALO who worked for a while and had to go to school and in his place Hussein Addy was appointed
as the ALO and acted as such until the International Games Committee (IGC) was formed and continued into the Games.

The ALO was the link between Ghana and Australia and he became a conduit for information and vice versa.

Q: What was the role of Samuel Sarpong Chief Accountant
NSA and Sakina Bempong DG’s Secretary?

A: They played no role – However that was the basis for my
interaction with Witness ‘4’ Mr. Yeboah at the Commonwealth Games Village.

I invited Mr. Yeboah to my office and we were discussing general issues involving the games.

Mr. Yeboah was part of the CDM’s Team and we were meeting regularly.

After the International Games Committee was formed he was part of logistics.

He was also part of the advanced team.

Q: Reference is made to Exhibit ‘4’ the attachment to Mr.
Yeboah’s report. In the classification of officials, how does
one qualify to be placed under a Federation or all

A: As indicated earlier, all Federations were requested to submit the list of their Athletes and Officials and the presumption
is that they will submit genuine Athletes and officials and the GOC not having any data for comparison, the Federations are relied upon to submit genuine names.

The inclusion of Sarpong and the photographer came between me and Mr. Yeboah at our meeting as to why Sarpong and the photographer were captured as Badminton Officials when they could have been otherwise appropriately designated. And this was not brought to my notice for

Q: Was Samuel Sarpong placed under badminton in your system.

A: He was captured on a final Delegates Registration meeting as an Official.




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