July 28, 2019

Continued from Part 3:



Q: You will recall our meeting on 2/4/2018 for about 30 minutes at the Games Village?

A: Yes I do.

Q: This 9th person, you mentioned the name to me as

A: We were dealing with Henrietta Opoku and not Agbozo.

Q: I recall you mentioned one Agbozo and not Henrietta

A: That is not correct.

Q: You also mentioned one Henrietta Opoku and you told
me she was not an athlete?

A: That is not true.

Q: Who is Henrietta Opoku She is part of your Badminton

A: We do not know Henrietta Opoku and Badminton is allowed a maximum of eight (8) so athletes as a final list.

Q: You have list for Badminton submitted to the ALO?

A: Yes we had a list of 8 athletes as final list and another list of 18 athletes as long list before the dead line who are internationally accredited as Badminton players.

Q: You signed the form for Sarpong and Amofa as part of your Badminton team?

A: Yes, because that was the process for officials.

Q: You knew that Sarpong & Amofa are not officials of Badminton?

A: Yes, but they are staff and members of the International
Games Committee per the National Sports Authority quota allotted for the International Games.

Q: And you know that both Sarpong and Amofa can be captured as officials but not as members of the
Badminton team in the accreditation process?

A: That is not correct.

Q: Do you recall that there were some 13 names on your list as at January 17, 2018.

A: Yes I do.

Q: Do you also recall that you promised to make them available to me at the meeting and you have not?

A: I do not recollect

Q: You recall that you had issues with the ALO Hussein Addy.

A: Yes I recall.

Q: And the issue was about the members put in for Badminton?

A: That is not correct.

Q: You recall informing me that that is the reason why Hussein Addy sent you something on whatsapp you forwarded to me on 7/2/2018?

A: That is so, except that what happened was in our advanced
trip in January.

I brought the CDM’s attention that there were unknown names in the Badminton long list which the Federation had not approved of.

The CDM told me that, by 7th March, because the final list would have been made.

Q: You will agree with me that the final list as produced in Exhibit ‘1A’ was the 109 and 21 dignitories?


A: As a Federation or as a person we are not responsible for
the final list.

Q: Apart from being President of a Federation you, had a role to play on the International Games Committee as the Chairman for Logistics, you must know since the final list was made available to you for budgeting purposes?

A: That is correct.

Q: In our discussion on the advance mission, do you recall that you raised issues and I told you that any names not in the final approved list would be taken out at the Delegates Registration Meeting (DRM) which I did to your knowledge

A: That is so.





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