July 28, 2019

Continued from Part 5:



Evans Kojo Yeboah, President Badminton Federation and
Chairman Logistics, Kitting and Finance Sub-committee of the International Games Committee (IGC) and 3rd Vice President of GOC.

Witness ‘4’ (Swears to speak the Truth):

Witness ‘4’ says that the International Games Committee
was mandated to plan for Team Ghana.

They held 16 meetings between November 19th 2017 and March 10th 2018 and had an insight into the work of the advance team.

That he worked with the Deputy Minister, the Director General
NSA, and the CDM between January 19th to 29th 2018. Prior
to this he had travelled to Australia four (4) times as Chairman of Badminton Federation.

He refers to CDM’s report Exhibit ‘1’ paragraph 5 page 5. That the Team Ghana had a list with the IGC made up Athletes, Technical Team
and Team Officials.

That in the accreditation for Gold Coast 2018, you can only put someone as an official or athlete.

These assistants can only be assigned to a Federation.

I rely on Exhibit ‘4’ page 12. The person in the Team Ghana list
the CDM referred to, is Samuel Sarpong.

He is on page 12 point 20. He was the purse holder for Team Ghana and a staff of the National Sports Authority.

He is described as ‘ALL’ meaning he can go to all places.

The other person is Sekina Bempong designated for

She is an NSA staff and Secretary to the Director General NSA and in Exhibit ‘3’, NSA had a list of 4
alloted to them by the IGC.

Once the ALO receives instructions that a person is part of Team Ghana, the placement can be made anywhere.

See also Exhibit ‘5’ where I identified sixteen (16) other
persons who were part of Team Ghana but had been placed
under different disciplines and it was only there that those
other persons and Federations should have been mentioned.

See for example Exhibit ‘3’ the photographer or security or person from Parliamentary Select Committee.

Again March 7th was the deadline for closing of all entries on Monday 2/4/2018.

I attended a technical meeting with my two (2) coaches.

Badminton was allotted eight (8) Athletes. We were not allowed more than 8 but we were 9.

The excess did not have an international I.D. So I was asked as President where the other athlete was from.

I called the CDM to inform him we were not allowed more than 8 but we were 9 and this happened outside the deadline.

The CDM said he would look into it and revert.


Q: From the list you tendered how many persons constitute Team Ghana?

A: 133. This list was made before 7/3/2018.

The CDM may have additions or deletions. The 133 was what the IGC was working with.

Q: Who was responsible for entries?

A: There was an ALO Hussein Addy working directly under the CDM.

Q: Did the GOC Board agree on how those who were neither athletes or officials will be dealt with?

A: No. There is what is called eligibility form which the ALO
will provide for the Federation Leadership to sign.

Q: You signed a form to include Sarpong and Bempong under

A: Yes I did because they were Team Ghana Officials.

Q: The CDM said you made the entries yourself. How do
you react to that allegation?

A: No one has the access, not even the Secretary General nor the President only the CDM or his ALO have exclusive control.

Q: You referred to some nine (9) persons who appeared on your Badminton list when your maximum number is 8.

You indicated that you referred to the CDM and he said he would revert to you. Did he?

A: No

Q: Can you volunteer the 9th name which appeared on the said list?

A: This can be found on page 2 bullet 9. The name there is
Henrietta Opoku.

Q: Did she travel to Australia?

A: I cannot tell but she was not present at our meetings and games but I can confirm that if she had entered, that would have been found out.

Q: Are you telling us that the CDM accused you wrongly that you entered some people without his authority?

A: That is so because there are similar situations in the list.

See Exhibit ‘5’ Page 1 Point 1 and 2 of my report, I reiterated certain ‘short names’ in the Badminton list way back in January 2018.

I drew the attention of the CDM. The CDM then informed me that because March 7th was the deadline,every name that he and his ALO had entered in the system,
which does not include our final 8 would be deleted.





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