Barca will miss Neymar

August 3, 2017

It seems almost impossible to find ‘another’ Neymar, just as it was impossible to find ‘another’ Xavi and possibly it will be difficult to seek out ‘another’ Iniesta.

Not to mention Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Real Madrid were not able to clone Zidane, or Ronaldo, or Raul … it is a constant in all those players; unique, peculiar and different for their way of playing the game, regardless of the team in which they played or the position on the field they occupied.

What football weapons do Barcelona lose without Neymar? Many.

Even if Messi and Luis Suarez are handed either Dembele, Coutinho or Dybala, or even two of them, the Catalans have lost many virtues to which they were already accustomed.

After four seasons at Barcelona, forming part of MSN and being the soul and authentic leader of the Brazilian national team, Neymar unites all the virtues that can be demanded of a great striker.

One hundred and five goals in 186 games for Barcelona, and 52 in 77 with Brazil; 60 assists for the Blaugrana; short and long dribbling par excellence; superb in the one against one; a key nuance in a team that loves to attack…

His was the maximum expression of Luis Enrique’s style.

Normally a straight line is the preferred way to get to the opponents area but not Neymar, whose speed with the ball is only comparable to his ability in tight spaces.

His imagination often defined a game.

Whether a nutmeg, a lambretta, a one-two, a long dribble, a feint, a rabona … all were inspired by the purest Brazilian football school.

He will be missed.


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