Bayern Munich balance bumper EPL broadcast deals

September 27, 2016

Elite clubs behind the new Champions League carve-up are not even bothering to hide their tracks anymore.

Take this shameless pronouncement from Bayern Munich chief executive officer Karl-Heinz Rummenigge.

Revealing that Munich expect to receive roughly £100million in the new deal, Rummenigge confirmed this equates to ‘70 per cent more income from the Champions League due to recent reforms’.

Rummenigge added that the reforms — and feel free to mentally add air quotes as you read that sentence — were necessary to combat the new Premier League broadcast deal which was ‘putting tremendous pressure on the competition and suffocating us all’.

Bayern Munich are taking a chunk of Champions League cash, says Karl-Heinz Rummenigge

In other words, having killed the Bundesliga as a contest, making it a complete dud in broadcast markets and damaging revenue streams, Munich have now claimed even more from the Champions League, much of it out of UEFA’s television deal with BT Sport, which previously went to Premier League clubs.

So a domestic competition that is thriving commercially because it is fairer and more democratic, leading to a more exciting and economically successful league, is raided by a club that is the epitome of elitist protectionism because its own business model is weak.

Rummenigge proudly admits this as if he is some fine and just economic guru. He’s not. He’s Dick Turpin in a fancy suit.


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