David Wicks jumps into the water 

British golfer, David Wicks, from Bexhill, was forced to strip down to his underwear to recover a ball from a lake on the 13th hole of The University Golf Course in Baton Rouge, USA, to fetch his ball.

The ball had rolled into the drink while it slipped out of his grasp while grabbing his scorecard after marking the ball following an unsuccessful first putt.

To avoid a two-stroke penalty, Wicks was forced to retrieve it within five minutes.

The quick thinking Jacksonville Collage student took off his clothes and took a dive into the water.

But Wicks’ efforts were in vain as he failed to locate his ball and was forced to take the punishment.

“David probably found 20 balls in the stretch of five minutes, but he never could find his,” said coach Mike Blackburn.

“It was just a stroke of bad luck. After the five minute period ended the rules officials gave him a two-stroke penalty, which really could’ve hampered our comeback.

David Wicks attempts to find his ball after it rolled into the water 

“But David rebounded, finishing the day with five straight pars to keep us in the race.”

Wicks added: “I was determined to redeem myself.

“That wasn’t the way I was going out.”

Wicks eventually finished joint seventh in the tournament, but helped his side reach the NCCA final.

SOURCE: mirror.co.uk