Chelsea the hardest by Brexit!

March 29, 2017

Theresa May and ChelseaGETTY

WORRYING: Chelsea could be hit hard by Brexit
BRITAIN’S exit from the European Union could be bad news for the Premier League as the impact looks set to hit Chelsea hardest.Prime Minister Theresa May has triggered Article 50 and formally started Britain’s exit from the EU.

It is one of the most significant days in the history of British politics and former UKIP leader Nigel Farage was quickly off to the pub.

A further 73have been made by players who are from outside the EU but have dual nationality.David Luiz, for example, is a Portuguese citizen as well as being Brazilian.

And as their right to continue living and working in the UK is yet to be agreed, this could spell trouble for the Stamford Bridge outfit. Chelsea’s number one transfer target this summer – and their line-up would look incredible if they signed him.

It doesn’t stop there, though.As many as 45 of the 58 league goals scored by Chelsea this season have been scored by players from the EU or with a dual nationality.

Manchester City will also be hit hard – with 59% of their players coming from the EU.

While Hull and Burnley will get off lightly – with just 5% of their squads coming from Europe.


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