Dogboe earns $100, 000 for massive suffering

May 12, 2019


Emanuel Navarrete sends Isaac Dogboe to canvas


It was more of the same for Ghana’s Isaac Dogboe enduring a royal beatdown from his oppressor, Emanuel Navarrete in Tucson, Arizona, Saturday night.

Dogboe suffered a 12th-round stoppage occasioned by his father/ trainer’s capitulation by mounting the apron to throw in the towel, with 58 seconds left in the final round.

It was a merciful intervention to the merciless hounding and pounding by the champion, Navarette, making his first defence of the WBO 122-pound title he wrestled from Dogboe, Dec. 8, last year at the Madison Square Gardens.

It was an unexpected outcome given the redemption song Team Dogboe had been sounding in the ears of all who cared to listen, in the buildup to the rematch.

As it turned out, Navarrete delivered even more punishment resulting in the comprehensive beatdown of the courageous Ghanaian.

For all his troubles, though, the former champion, Dogboe, was guaranteed $100, 000, hardly enough compensation.

Though his boss, Navarrete collected $10, 000 less, no one was in doubt who’s the man among the WBO super bantams.

“The men in this division know who I am, where I am,’’ bragged Navarrete.

In the night’s first rematch, Navarrete (27-1, 23 KOs) took the storm out of Dogboe (20-2, 14 KOs) and administered a royal beating of the Ghana fighter who calls himself The Royal Storm.

The real surprise was that Dogboe had less of a chance in the rematch than he had in losing a decision to Navarrete in December.

The bigger Navarrete controlled distance and pace. His power shots to the body and head left Dogboe stumbling across the canvas throughout most of the 12 rounds.

In the sixth, Navarrete’s uppercut knocked Dogboe off his feet and onto the bottom rope.






If not for that rope, Dogboe might have found himself face down on a ringside table.

Somehow, Dogboe stayed upright, but he was an unconscious man walking, walking straight into more of Navarrete’s arsenal.

By the eighth, the end looked to be inevitable.

In the 12th, the inevitable landed, first with more Navarrete shots that dropped Dogboe on hands and knees, prompting trainer Paul Dogboe to make the merciful intervention.

One thing is for sure: Dogboe said is moving up in weight to 126 pounds.

“Thanks to Navarrete,’’ said Dogboe, who also might have been saying thanks to an immediate future that won’t include another fight with the Mexican.



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