EIGHT PL managers accused of taking 'bungs' following Allardyce's departure
Eight Premier League managers have been accused of accepting ‘bungs’ 

Eight current or former Premier League managers have been accused of financially benefiting from player transfers, according to stunning claims from a string of football agents.

The accusations come hours after Sam Allardyce parted company with England for offering advice to a far-east firm on how to ‘get around’ rules on player transfers.

Allardyce, 61, admitted his ‘embarrassment’ in a statement following his departure but the crisis at the FA looks to have worsened following more accusations uncovered in the Daily Telegraph.

The newspaper has recordings from a number of football agents speaking to undercover agents that claim corruption is rife within the English game.

The eight managers accused of taking ‘bungs’ remain unnamed and the report goes on to state that all transcripts of their conversations have been handed over to the police. 

TRNAVA, SLOVAKIA - SEPTEMBER 04: Sam Allardyce manager of England looks on prior to the 2018 FIFA World Cup Group F qualifying match between Slovakia and England at City Arena on September 4, 2016 in Trnava, Slovakia. (Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images)
Allardyce parted company with England on Tuesday night 

Guiseppe Pagliara, an Italian football agent that was banned from football for five years for match-fixing back in 2005, claims that one manager was taking ‘kickbacks’ from players in return for increasing their wages.

‘There was three players, and every month they would come into his office with £4,000 cash each of them, so he was getting £12,000,’ claimed Pagliara.

‘What happened was when they had done the deal he said ‘they’ve done the wages and you’re going to get ten grand a week, so I’m going to give you 12 grand a week and you’re going to give me four grand a month – so obviously they were getting four grand a month extra and he was getting four grand.’

The agents were unaware that their conversations were being recorded and believed that they were instead talking to representatives of a Far Eastern firm looking to invest in football.

The newspaper says it will disclose the name of an assistant manager of a leading club that accepted a £5,000 cash sum from the firm, later this week.

SOURCE: metro.co.uk