Eubank was chicken! – Eddie Hearn

September 17, 2016

CHRIS EUBANK JNR claimed his corner does not have towels – but his dad appears to lack a pen, as well.

The British middleweight champ criticised Dominic Ingle’s brave decision to pull Kell Brook out of the clash with Gennady Golovkin, last weekend.

But if the Eubanks had signed the deal they were offered, Junior could have taken up the challenge.

Instead, he called out Golovkin on Twitter, posting the “my corner don’t own towels” comment shortly after Brook – with a broken eye socket – was rightly pulled out of a dramatic five-round clash.

It is always easy to say something like that from the comfort of your sofa at home.

But the fact remains Eubank Jnr and his dad appear to have passed up the glamour fight.

Chris Snr, the former two-weight world champion, has been claiming his son could beat the fearsome Golovkin since the moment he turned professional.

Yet when Eddie Hearn gave them the chance to prove it, the promoter claims Eubanks Snr started moving goalposts, disputing money and ticket prices and even raising issues over who might be on the TV commentary team.

That seems strange because the fee his son would have netted – believed to be around £4m – would have undoubtedly been a far bigger purse than any he has commanded so far, in his 24-fight career.

Hearn says everything was agreed from Golovkin’s side, leading to questions about why Eubank stalled.

Was he looking for an escape clause or just holding out for an unrealistic purse?

Either way, Hearn made the right move by drafting up the same deal for Brook, who took his chance when the Eubanks didn’t sign.

If there are two people who should appreciate the dangers of boxing, it’s the Eubanks.

Chris Snr was involved in the bout which left Michael Watson fighting for his life in 1991, while his son was in the other corner this year, when Nick Blackwell lapsed into a coma.

With Eubank Jnr next appearing on an undercard in Cardiff, his team should forget tweeting and concentrate on getting their own man’s promising career back on track.


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