Football is a game of fun and passion – Lucy Quist

September 19, 2018



A former CEO of Airtel Ghana, Lucy Quist, an object of ridicule by some deposed Ghana Football Association executive committee loyalists, is riding the storm, following her recent appointment as the vice president of FIFA’s Normalization Committee for Ghana Football.


As one of two named female members of the four-person Normalization Committee, formed September 13, 2018 by the sports’s world governing body, FIFA, to return Ghana football to normalcy by March 31, 2019, she has taken considerable fire. 

Yet, after four days of ‘taking cover’, she ’emerged’ enclosed in the ‘armour’ of a facebook post dated September 17, 2018, ‘returning fire’ with a definition of football in such a sporting manner that couldn’t help but share as follows:

“It is a game of fun and passion”, adding, perhaps strategically, “It is also a game of strategy!”

Now, wonders (since the sports media have been denied access) if that is her statement of resilience or talk-back while maintaining non-contact with – and ‘cover’ from – suspected ‘ammunitions’ of the underappreciated, snubbed yet sporting Ghanaian media.

While we wonder, it is important for us to share her sense of appreciation though the media was not allowed to ask any question at a misnomer of a super-tardy press conference announcing the committee, last Thursday – detectives on hand – on the declared “crime scene” premises of the GFA:

“A time to serve. This truly is an honour. Thank you to FIFA and the State & people of Ghana for this vote of confidence,” stated the new veep of the interim GFA, in the aforementioned facebook post.

Again, wonders – since the NC’s office and its vice-president’s location remain a mystery – hmmm, is that a hint of fun and/or a “game of strategy” for the NC veep?

Keep vigil with us as we launch a search party – complete with long-range, space-size binoculars – to locate the ‘invisible’ office of the Normalization Committee, the ‘elusive’ veep and the other potentially ‘camouflaged’ members.

For the record, the other members are as follows:

Dr. Kofi Amoah, President; Naa Odofoley Nortey and Duah Adonteng.

The lens of will keep vigil to report to its readers any sighting(s) of any of the aforementioned ‘invisible’ personalities, and their important work for Ghana football as it negotiates a curve from an era of scandals to a pristine, potentially glorious future.

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