Gervonta who? – Lomachenko

April 25, 2018

As Vasyl Lomachenko prepares to take on Jorge Linares, he gets asked about the possibility of facing junior lightweight titleholder Gervonta Davis. And even with his broken English, Loma breaks it down plainly for the young champion…

Lomachenko on if he has any interest in facing Davis:

“I don’t know. For me, he’s not interesting because, because, for what?! For what, money? [shrugs]. You know, I can fight with him for free…

“Why can’t he fight with me when I stay in a 130? Why? Why then I was a 130 champion, WBO champion, he has a IBF title, why in that moment he can’t fight with me? Now, when I move up at 135, now he want to fight with me? And I read he want the fight only on pay-per-view. Aye, what are you talking about?! You never had a main event! You fight only co-main event. What are you talking about?!

“What kind of pay-per-view are you talking about?!”

On Floyd Mayweather saying he wants to make that fight happen:

“Aye, you know me, you know my legacy. I never scared, I never — nobody scared. I can fight anybody… If he has a title, I wait. But he has a title at 130. I want to fight 135 and stay 135. He can move up 135, take a title, and after that I can fight with him.”

On if he saw Davis’ performance against Jesus Cuellar and what he thought of it:

“On this fight, he’s not good, his style is not good but his opponent — did you see his opponent?! If you opponent give you a chance, [everyone fights the way their opponent allows].”


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