GFA grateful to Sports Ministry – Afriyie

November 13, 2016


George Afriyie FA VeepGeorge Afriyie, chairman of the BSMC

The management committee chairman of the Black Stars, George Afriyie, has lauded the Ministry of Youth and Sports for their cooperation in allowing the Black Stars to hold a five-day training camp in Dubai.

Coach Avram Grant have been given all the needed support to go and break the back of the Egyptians after being allowed to move their camping from Accra to Dubai.

The team was also given the financial support they needed during the camping period, something which George Afriyie admits has all gone according to plan.

“The purpose for going to Dubai has been achieved. No doubt that without the support of government I don’t see how we would have achieved this target,” Afriyie said.

“First of all, we are grateful to the minister of Youth and Sports and to a larger extent, to the president of the republic.”

“They made it possible for us to be here and that is very key, and even the consulate here have been very supportive.”

“And any other Ghanaian who has been there for us especially captain Asamoah Gyan who is out of this game but yet was here to support us.”


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