GHANA v. NIGERIA: what they say

November 23, 2016

Everyone is focused and all the players are intact.

We take it one game at a time and we won’t underrate or overrate any team.

We watched Ghana against Kenya and we are looking forward to a good match. Hopefully, we will have a good day and emerge victorious.

Ghana won’t be a walkover and we will play as if it is the final.

The spirit in camp is good and the players are motivated to deliver.

Gladys Nnenena Akpa (Defender, Nigeria)

We are here for a purpose. We know why we are here and we will do just that.

Yusif Basigi (Head Coach, Ghana)

The most important thing is the three points.

We are not here to play good and lose in the end.

Against Nigeria, it will be a different game and matches between the two teams are always unpredictable.

The scoreline of the first match doesn’t matter. If Nigeria beat Mali 6-0, we could have also beaten Mali by 6-0 or more.

The three points is what we aspire for and after we can strategize for the next game.

I have psyched the players and prepared their mind and they are poised for the match.

They are relaxed and will be battle ready.

… the stadium will be red, yellow and green (Ghana colours) and green, white and green (Nigeria colours).

It will be interesting. Just as we have Ghanaians here (in Limbe), there are Nigerians too.

Our fans have promised us that they will storm the stadium in their numbers to cheer the team to victory.  

Elizabeth Addo (Midfielder, Ghana)

We are very prepared.

The Nigerians know us well and we know them too.

We are not under pressure. It is just a normal game and we are going to have fun.

Having played in Nigeria before (for River Angels), I know most of the Nigerian players and they know my abilities too.

For us (playing body), all we need is victory.

There is always a first time.

Ghana has reached the final on three previous occasions and lost to Nigeria each time. Who knows? We can make history this time. 

SOURCE: cafonline

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