Ghanaian referees engage in age cheating – Biney

July 25, 2016

Biney Ref

Retired Class One referee E.R. Biney

Retired Class One referee E.R. Biney has accused the Referees Association of Ghana of forcing most referees to reduce their age ahead of FIFA appointments.

Biney, believes age cheating is not only associated with footballers, but officials are also involved in the criminality which FIFA frowns on.

“I know that all the ages we are using are tampered with. If you look at the ages critically, year by year, the ages referee change, we don’t have to pretend as if it is only football.

“From the beginning, ages are not pegged. If you are going to be a referee, you have to be gainfully employed before, because you need to buy your kits and others before you get to FIFA.

“But you get to FIFA at 45 years, you will be overage, and approaching retirement, so you need to reduce it,” he has told Starr Sports.

Controversies over his age forced the experienced knight of the whistle (practiced for 16 years) forced him to retire.



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