Golovkin ready for Saunders

September 11, 2016

If Gennady Golovkin gets his way he will return to London this winter to inflict the same eye-busting punishment on Billy Joe Saunders that put a savage end to five rounds of heroics by Kell Brook.

If they were to let him, the Kazakh with a punch like a jack-boot kick in the head would conduct his next piece of world middleweight championship unification business in an East End gutter outside the O2 Arena.

‘They call me crazy,’ says the man they also call Triple G. ‘They are right.’

Gennady Golovkin is eyeing up Billy Joe Saunders as his next opponent after his victory

Brook called Golovkin forward and the champion duly obliged with an onslaught

Golovkin showed his class and forced Brook's corner to throw in the towel at the 02 

The scariest middleweight since Marvin Hagler elaborated: ‘I am a street fighter. I want brawls. Kell Brook is a boxer. A very good boxer. But it is a different style. We gave London the drama fight I promised but I kept saying to him, “Come on, give me more”.’

If that wish had been granted, Golovkin would have despatched Brook not only to the nearest emergency ward but into retirement.

For the edification of those fans who saw fit to boo the throwing in of the towel by Brook’s corner, the fractured socket of his right eye will undergo surgery in his home city of Sheffield this week.

Brook, who as world welterweight champion rose two divisions to face Golovkin, was in denial when he claimed: ‘I was trapping him and catching him and ready to take over the fight but that became impossible when the eye injury left me seeing three or four of him in front of me.’

In reality, one GGG was more than enough. Golovkin explained: ‘I don’t mind being hit by Kell. Crazy again? Maybe. But it opens him for me to hit him. He has good skills but I don’t feel his power. It was like sparring for me.’

Brook, averse as he is to boiling back down to welter, admitted as much when he said: ‘My best weight now could be 154lb. I would love to meet the winner of next Saturday’s world light-middleweight title fight between Liam Smith and Canelo Alvarez.’

Golovkin remains undefeated in his professional career and dominated Kell Brook

That will have to wait some months while his injury heals. Then the eye will require medical clearance by British Boxing Board of Control doctors.

Meanwhile, Brook may have performed a service to Golovkin by hitting the great man often enough to give rise to an illusion that he was ahead on points at the time of the stoppage.

I gave him just the epic second which was the centrepiece of a five-round classic. But he landed sufficient blows for Golovkin’s manager Tom Loeffler to say: ‘While I don’t enjoy Gennady being hit, seeing it happen may encourage Saunders to take our fight.

Golovkin explained that he didn't mind being hit as it creates openings for him to exploit

Gennady is keen to unify all the middleweight belts before moving up to take on bigger men and Billy Joe is the WBO champion.

We tried to make this fight in London earlier this year without success but perhaps he will be tempted now.’

And it didn’t take long for Saunders to rise to the bait. In a video message posted on Instagram last night he said: ‘Golovkin, I am ready when you are. When you come back to me with a date, I will accept and give the fans what they want to see.’

There would also be the lure of a purse at least equal to the £3million-plus banked by Brook, who earned every penny even though it was for less than 15 minutes of action.

The Saturday night-outers who jeered Brook fail to comprehend how much punishment that entails. A lesser man would have capitulated to the first-minute punch with which Golovkin announced his intentions.

A left hook of such ferocity that it probably inflicted the eye damage, even though Brook thought it was fractured in the second round.

Golovkin broke Brook's eye socket it was later revealed after a trip to hospital 

The Sheffield fighter battled heroically but Golovkin's power was too much for him 
The Sheffield fighter battled heroically but Golovkin’s power was too much for him 

The way Brook kept fighting back was a tribute to his courage. His publicists had broadcast pre-fight rumours of Golovkin looking out of sorts.

 If those whispers remotely represented the truth, then it is terrifying to imagine how lethal Triple G would be when fully fit.

Over to you, Billy Joe.

SOURCE: dailymail.co.uk

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