Henry blasts Hernandez celebration

April 23, 2015

Arsenal legend, Thierry Henry, has lashed out at Javier Hernandez, for celebrating without acknowledging Cristiano Ronaldo, who set him up in the box for the winning goal that put Real Madrid into the Champions league semis, last night.

Hernandez struck an 88th-minute winner as Real Madrid beat their Madrid rivals 1-0 to secure their place in the semi-finals of the Champions League.

Hernandez missed several chances in the match before his goal, but Sky Sports pundit Henry was more disappointed that he chose not to thank Ronaldo for the assist and ran off to celebrate by himself.

“That’s Ronaldo’s goal,” he said. “At that particular moment he couldn’t shoot, so he didn’t take the risk of doing something stupid and silly with it.

“He saw a guy in a better position, which Chicharito was, and he gave him the ball.

“What I don’t like is Chicharito seems like he’s won the World Cup with that.”

The other pundits in the studio questioned whether Henry was being too harsh on Hernandez, who has not enjoyed the best time on loan at Real from Manchester United.

“It’s a tap-in,” he added. “Turn around and celebrate with Ronaldo. Even the camera knew – the camera is on Ronaldo for a reason.”

“I think the pressure went through him. He knew he had to perform today and he had a couple of chances to do it.

“If Ronaldo had done that I would have said the same thing. You have to pass the ball, but it’s still a tap-in and you have to turn around and say thank you.”

The reigning European champions enter the semi-finals for the fifth season in succession, and Carlo Ancelotti’s men find out their last-four opponents in Friday morning’s draw in Switzerland.

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