How implicated GFA officials may be expelled

June 5, 2018
The much anticipated expose on corruption in Ghana football by investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas has been described as one that “will collapse the very foundations of Ghana football in a heap, to be rebuilt by the concerned sports journalists and the honest football people who will remain standing.”

Ghana Football Association President, Kwesi Nyantakyi, is already under investigation by the Criminal Investigation Depart of the Ghana Police Service for allegedly using President Akufo Addo’s name to defraud potential investors.

Citi News sources have also uncovered that more GFA officials have been caught in the yet to  be aired video investigation.

National Daily newspaper, Graphic, also reported that as many as 17 referees have been caught in various acts that compromise their integrity.

If the GFA decides to take disciplinary actions against implicated members, then due process would have to be followed.

But what does the GFA Statutes Book say bout expelling members?

The GFA’s Congress is the only body mandated to expel members of the association. But Congress meets once a year but in extraordinary circumstances, such as would be the case if the GFA is to take action against its implicated members, then an Extra-Ordinary Congress will be convened.

In article 23.5 of the GFA Statutes,  An extra-ordinary session of the GFA Congress shall be convened by the Executive Committee under any of the following circumstances:

23.5.1. Upon the request of not less than half of the Members of the Executive Committee; or

23.5.2. By a resolution of not less than seven (7) Regional Football Associations (RFAS’); or

23.5.3. On the request of not less than 25 national League clubs, at least 8 of which shall be from the Premier division.

23.6. Only the business for which the meeting is convened shall be discussed.

23.7. The agenda and other relevant documents must be sent out to the members at least five (5) days before the meeting.

23.8. The agenda may not be changed under any circumstances.

“The said parties, for whose reason Extra-Ordinary Congress is convened will be given an audience to defend him/himself before a secret ballot vote is conducted,” Ntow Fianko, lawyer and former Chairman of the Division One League Board told Citi Sports.

A decision may only be ratified after a vote receives 75% of the 123 total votes or of the total number present as stipulated in Article 29 of the GFA Statutes:

29.3 Decisions relating to any change of head office of the GFA, any amendment to the statutes and regulations, any modifications to the agenda of the ordinary Congress, the dismissal of a member of an organ, bestowing of the title of Honorary President or honorary member, the expulsion of a member of the GFA or the dissolution of the GFA shall require a majority of ¾ of votes validly cast by the official delegates present and voting in favour.

In other words, if all 123 members of Congress are present, at least 93 of them will have to vote in favor of kicking a member out before the decision can be ratified.

Which people make up the GFA Congress?

The GFA Congress shall be made up of the President and one hundred and twenty-three (123)delegates constituted as follows:

– Three delegates from each of the ten (10) RFAS’ – 30

– Two delegates from each of the 16 Premier Clubs- 32

– One delegate from each of the 48 Division One Clubs – 48

– Security Services Sports Association (SESSA)- 1

– Schools and Colleges – 1

– Tertiary Institutions –1

– Coaches – 2

– Referees – 2

– Women Football Clubs –2

– Juvenile Football Clubs –2

– Players – 2

  Total – 123



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