I’d rather watch EPL than Ghana league – Tony Yeboah

September 26, 2016


Ty Gfa

Former Ghana and Leeds United striker Tony Yeboah

Former Ghana and Leeds United striker Tony Yeboah says the Ghana Premier League is no longer attractive and that he does not spend time to watch it.

“I’ve not been watching the Ghana Premier league either from the stadium or on television. How can I watch the Ghana Premier league when the English Premier league is ongoing?” Yeboah told Otec FM.

“It’s not only me who don’t watch the league. Many Ghanaians don’t go to the stadiums and prefer watching different league due to its unattractive nature.

The 50-year-old, who boasts of 59 caps with the Black Stars, previously played for Kumasi Cornerstones and Okwawu United in the local top-flight before joining German sides FC Saarbrucken 65 and Eintracht Frankfurt, and then English premier side, Leeds United, in the late 80’s.

“A white man will find time to look for solutions but not here. We need leaders who can sit down and reason why Ghanaians are not patronising the league. It is not difficult but the leaders currently in charge don’t want to accept that their product has collapsed or is in the process of collapsing,” he said.

He added: “Meanwhile, many Ghanaians know that things are not working. Look at what went on last season; unfair officiating from referees, no punishments to those who went against the rules. How can the Ghana FA president even tell referees to accept bribes when tempted but officiate fairly? This is unbelievable, and with this and many more, how can the league be attractive?”

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