Dissecting Ronaldo’s farewell statement

May 27, 2018

The final whistle had barely finished resounding around Kiev’s Olympic Stadium on Saturday night when Cristiano Ronaldo shocked Real Madrid by questioning his own future at the club.

Here, the winger’s key statements from the night of Los Blancos’ 13th Champions League triumph edited by ekowasmahsports.com:

Well, did you say, “It was very nice to be at Real Madrid”?

“Of course I have something to say, but it wasn’t the right time, although I don’t regret it, because when it was honest”

“It was not the right time, but I’ve been honest. I don’t talk much, but when I talk, I talk”

“The future of players isn’t important right now. I have no doubts, it’s not important right now”

So, what is the problem, Ronaldo? Money?

“It comes from afar. Money is not the problem”

So, who’s the problem? Florentino?

“I have no problem with Florentino. I speak and I greet him, like the good professional that I am”

So, who and what is the problem? You’re not getting due recognition?

“Who was the top scorer once again?”

You, once, again, Ronaldo.

“I have won five Champions Leagues and five Ballon d’Ors. I had already made history, but now even more”


“The Champions League should change and be called the CR7 Champions League”

Wow! Such glory!! Is that what you seek, more and more, Ronaldo?

“… Life is not just about glory”

What else is it about, Ronaldo? Please, tell us.

“I cannot guarantee anything.”

What? You’re not gonna tell us? Hiding it from us?

“I’m not going to hide, …”

So, when are you gonna tell us, Ronaldo?

“… in the next few days I’ll talk …”

Really. Can you guarantee it?

The world awaits your talk, Ronaldo.

EDITED FROM: marca.com

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