Jarrell Miller hits Tyson Fury super-low

February 20, 2019

JARRELL MILLER has countered talk of Tyson Fury decking him seven times in a sparring session by suggesting he saw Fury “hump a donkey” the equivalent amount of times.

This, the latest twist in the Anthony Joshua-Jarrell Miller-Tyson Fury saga, will of course be taken about as seriously as the American’s chances of dethroning Joshua on June 1 at Madison Square Garden, New York, but, at the very least, it represents an inventive use of a right to reply.

Fury’s original claim was that he had invited Miller to Morecambe to spar but then had to send ‘Big Baby’ home due to an inability to remain upright.

“I hired him for two weeks sparring but ended up sending him home after one day,” said Fury. “I put him down seven times in the first spar and sent him packing back to the USA.”

Miller, however, yesterday rubbished these claims, insisting the truth is quite the opposite.

Speaking to IFL TV, he said, “I’ve seen Tyson Fury hump a donkey seven times. What the f***, bro? People just talk s*** cos it sounds good, bro. It’s never happened. It’s never happened.

“I hit Tyson Fury with so many left hooks in the head and body in the one camp I went to it’s amazing.”

Fury, as it turned out, was just the warm-up for ‘Big Baby’ Miller on Tuesday. The main target of his vitriol was his next opponent, Anthony Joshua, someone the undefeated challenger accused of using therapeutic use exemptions (TUE) since the start of his professional career and putting on muscle mass at a wholly unnatural rate.

“This motherf***** has TUE test exemptions for testosterone and all kinds of s***,” Miller said. “I have been doing my research. Who comes out of the Olympics at 220lbs and goes to 240lbs in a year?”

Let the games begin.

Anthony Joshua


SOURCE: boxingnewsonline.net

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