Josh taps Klitschko to rough up Parker

March 21, 2018
ANTHONY JOSHUA is tapping up Team Klitschko for inside info on back-stabbing Joseph Parker.

AJ beat ring legend Wladimir at Wembley last April to take over the heavyweight division – following a friendly and respectful build-up with his former sparring partner.

But Watford’s WBA and IBF boss, says two-faced Parker does not have the same class and the Brit bruiser is now using a direct line to members of Kiltschko’s team to help him defeat his New Zealand enemy on March 31.

When talkSPORT asked AJ if he liked his Cardiff opponent, who has also spent hours in the ring with Klitschko, he said: “No, he’s a weird character, not really, no.

“Behind the scenes he and his team are different.

“I have seen some of the emails their manager has sent Eddie, they have been backstabbing and that is not my type at all.”

Klitschko and Joshua were friends after the Brit made regular trips to his Stanglwirt training base to help with Dr Steelhammer’s fights.

Parker was also called up to work with the Ukrainian great and Josh has been tapping up Team Klitschko for inside info.

AJ said: “Since our fight I am yet to meet him and shake his hand but I speak to his trainer Jonathon Banks and manager Bernd Bonte because they have tonnes of experience.

“Klitschko sparred Parker for many rounds so they have lots of knowledge.

“I like to create a lot of friends rather than enemies and then people are more open with me.”

The 28-year-old Olympic gold hero also insists he is not interested in banging out his rival in the first round.

AJ has always lived by the fight mantra that he does not get paid overtime but for this battle he is happy to put in a full shift.

He said: “I might prolong it, I am more seasoned now, I might take it to the second round.

“I have to be tactical. I have started studying the game, certain punches you can take early you cannot take later on.

“The first strike from a lion in the jungle does not kill the wildebeest; you have to gradually beat them down. I have to break his will and I will.”


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