Judges gifted Melian victory – Omar

August 13, 2016

Ghana’s failed medal hopeful at the ongoing Rio olympics, Abdul Wahid Omar, became the fourth Ghanaian to exit the 2016 Olympic Games in the first round, Thursday evening.
Granted that Melian did enjoy the support of a pocket of Argentine fans, it turned out Omar did not do enough to win the fight. The 2014 Commonwealth Games bronze medalist was edged 29-28 by his Argentine counterpart, Alberto Ezequiel Melian, in the Men’s 56 kilogramme bantamweight category, on the scorecards of all three judges.
In a post-fight interview, the Ghanaian pugilist hinted of robbery, indicating the judges gifted his opponent the victory:
“I fought him and after three rounds, they gave the win to him.
“I worked very hard. I know I won it. Even the crowd and the supporters knew that I won the fight,” claimed Omar.
FILED BY: Derrick Selikem Vorvor


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