Let’s get Saunders fight on, Golovkin – Frank Warren

May 10, 2018

Gennady Golovkin currently holds three of the four major middleweight world titles with him long stating that it’s his dream to capture the fourth to become undisputed middleweight world champion.

Billy Joe Saunders, WBA champion, holds the last remaining belt.

Both sides have sort of danced around one another for various reasons the last couple of years, but Warren, in a Twitter post, points to the fact that they tried to make a fight with Golovkin last summer and it was Golovkin who balked after coming off a tougher-than-expected fight with Daniel Jacobs in March 2017.

“[Billy Joe Saunders] signed his part of the contract to face [Gennady Golovkin] in Kazakhstan last June and then GGG’s side wasn’t signed. If you are really serious about fighting for all the belts, get your promoter to call me and let’s get the fight made.”

As you may remember, Golovkin’s team admitted the fighter was a little banged up after the fight with Jacobs, yet that was also amidst an apparent ultimatum from Golden Boy that Golovkin not take a fight before facing Canelo Alvarez.

And at this point, it still seems unlikely that Golovkin and Saunders will fight for all the marbles, as all signs are pointing towards a September rematch between Golovkin and Canelo — easily the biggest payday out there for Golovkin.

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