Lopez kayoes opponent, trades with trainer

October 30, 2016

Juan Manuel Lopez chose an alltogether different option and astonishingly tried to knock out his super featherweight opponent’s cornerman.

The Puerto Rican had forced the referee to call a stop to the contest with a brutal barrage against Wilfredo Vazquez Jr in the 11th round.

Wilfredo Vazquez Jr was dazed on the canvas as the madness was about to begin 
Wilfredo Vazquez Jr was dazed on the canvas as the madness was about to begin 
Juan Manuel Lopez knocked out his opponent then turned his attention to the cornerman 

Both Lopez and Wilfredo Vazquez Jr's team member landed blows in the exchange 

The pair were then separated as security piled into the ring to soothe the tensions 

What followed was a frenzied an utterly bizarre 10 seconds where both men exchanged blows before they were separated and security piled in to soothe the situation.

Both fighters are Puerto Rican and former world champions. There had been a bitter build-up to this fight which accounts for the post-fight melee.

Lopez had lost three of his last four bouts after being stopped each time inside four rounds but clearly could not get enough of the action on the night.

After being out-boxed and out-foxed in the early rounds, he began to turn the tide with heavier shots landing on Vazquez.

Once the referee had waved off proceedings late-on and Lopez tried to fight his opponent’s team, the two pugilists embraced to add a strange finishing touch to a night of mayhem.

SOURCE: dailymail.co.uk

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