Madrid’s Plan B if Neymar doesn’t sign

March 14, 2018

There is a choice presenting itself before Real Madrid in the summer ahead and that is plunder all their resources into a deal for Neymar or pick off two or three big names of European football.

While the Paris Saint-Germain winger remains the number one target, the likes of Harry Kane, Mauro Icardi and Karlo Letica have been bandied around as possible alternatives.

In reality, there is a sense that Eden Hazard of Chelsea is a deal that would be easier to pull off for Los Blancos than Tottenham Hotspur star Kane, with Robert Lewandowski preferred to Inter captain Icardi.

And although Croatian starlet Letica is a name to keep an eye on, David De Gea is the goalkeeper that Madrid have wanted for years even if Jose Mourinho is desperate to keep the Spaniard at Manchester United.


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