Mayweather-McGregor, a fhype, a fighpe, not a fight!

August 28, 2017
The undefeated boxer roars with delight after living up to expectations

A city that never sleeps was out on its feet this Sunday morning.

Not as woozy as Conor McGregor when a referee had to stop Floyd Mayweather giving him a legalised beating on the Strip the night before.

But exhausted.

Floyd Mayweather jumps on the ropes to celebrate his victory after stopping Conor McGregor

Not only hungover from the weekend-long hoolie but wearied by the relentless hype which brought us on the long journey here for Mayweather’s retirement party.

The hype was relentless. The fight was okay because Mayweather fulfilled his promise to make it exciting and McGregor kept his to make a fight of it for it at the start while more or less honouring his contract with the Queensberry rules.

But there was no holding back a sense of relief that it was all over. Out with adrenaline. In with the fatigue.

More so when it became clear that the big sell will not happen all over. No rematch. Likely no more of this commercial cross-over fights in the foreseeable future.

As the rounds went on Mayweather dominated and by the 10th McGregor was struggling

The Irish UFC star looks on from his corner as he gathers his thoughts ahead of the first round

Mayweather is adding another shed-load of his namesake – Money – to an estimated $600 million fortune. He began his senior citizenship by partying until dawn at his Girl Collection strip club, having just boxed with the fresh-faced brilliance of a 30-year-old rather than a man entering his 40s.

McGregor is going back to the UFC a hundred million bucks richer, with much more to come since he is still under 30 and this event has made this happy face of cage-fighting into a global superstar.

Everybody wins. Not just the money. Mayweather supplants Rocky Marciano as the best unbeaten retiree from this sport by beating up a boxing novice to win his 50th fight. He also sets up his next career by confirming a genius for promoting to his brilliancein the ring.

Boxing and the UFC escape without damage to their image or integrity.

The Money Man swings a powerful left-handed punch in the direction of The Notorious


Mayweather and McGregor gambled with the good name of their sports. Who, hand on heart, could blame them given the size of the prize. And they did what it took to leave the rich, famous and fanatical who forked out thousands of dollars to watch feeling that they had enjoyed the experience.

Thank you gentlemen and good night.

When we wake up next month we will be anticipating a potentially epic fight involving two great boxers, not one.

Triple G and Canelo, here we come.


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