Mayweather showing off Strip Club days to McGregor fighpe!

August 24, 2017
Floyd Mayweather Conor McGregor fight las vegas
MONEY: Floyd Mayweather is known for throwing wild parties

If Floyd Mayweather is fighting Saturday, he may not be aware!

If the MoneyMan is in a make-or-break fight at a historic, alltime career-defining moment, it doesn’t seem so to observers; even for the celebrated pugilist, it may not have occurred to him, for, it seems, it’s nothing but girls, cash and wild parties for him.

Undefeated American boxing super star, Mayweather, shocked fans last week by vowing to spend every night partying at his strip club, “Girl Collection”, leading up to his mega showdown with UFC star Conor McGregor on Sunday morning, Ghana time.
Now images have emerged of the hedonistic parties that erupt behind its walls and the girls who are pictured on an Instagram page boasting 80,000 followers.Snaps show “Money” throwing around hordes of dollar bills with friends as he lives it large at the Las Vegas joint.
Ana Monroe flashes thigh brow in high cut lingerie
Miss Miami slides down knickers for mirror tease
Ana Monroe reveals mega boobs
Inside Floyd Mayweather's STRIP club
Miss Miami gets racy in lacy lingerie
Miss Miami flaunts sexy curves in bikini display
Jessica Paz snaps boobilicious close up
Ely's nipples bares in raunchy outfit
Ely teases out nipples in see through lace lingerie
Inside Floyd Mayweather's STRIP club
Ely dresses up as sexy cow girl in hot pants
Jessica Paz flaunts her best assets in seductive snap
Jessica Paz dipslays seductive booty in hot tub
Jessica Paz oozes sex appeal for intimate selfie
Ana Monroe parades pert breasts in mirror reveal
Ely reveals intimate folds in tiny thong
Ana Monroe wears nipple skimming lingerie
Jessica Paz displays breasts for jaw dropping selfie
Jessica Paz's curves are out of this world
Miss Miami serves up perves eye view of bikini
Miss Miami flashes flesh in hot bikini
Jessica Paz shocks ditching underwear for the most flesh flashing dress
The page also pictures girls alongside the hashtag “Girl Collection” which link to their own profiles showing off waves of scantily-clad pictures.
Elizabeth Ruiz says she dances at the club at weekends and has been busy posting fight-hype material on her page.Another named Ana Monroe posts a range of racy shots saying in some she’ll be performing at the club that night.

Tawny Jordan

Jessica Paz is pictured on the page – although it’s not confirmed that she is a dancer at the club – and her lavish profile has an army of 66,000 followers.

And Porsche Foxx poses in a thong on the page with scores more scintillating shots of her topless – including one video of her appearing to dance at the club.Mayweather opened the strip club in May earlier this year with reports suggesting the 6,000 sqft building was once listed for around £2.2million.
“Money” previously said: “Come hang out with me tonight at Girl Collection and ask me anything you want, live and in person.”Starting tonight Thursday Aug 17 all the way through Monday Aug 28.”I’ll be at the one and only Girl Collection meeting and greeting my fans.
“That’s right, I’m partying the entire week before my fight all the way through to next Monday following my fight, only at Girl Collection. Bring your friends and meet me there.”
Daily Star Online previously revealed sensational pictures of the Las Vegas resident’s £6m “Big Boy Mansion” along with his extreme fleet of luxury supercars.EDITED FROM:

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