June 28, 2019


I wasn’t so excited about the Ivorians’ performances.The Moroccans made them look too ordinary in this game.

They could have used their Star player from the beginning which would have made the Moroccans more careful.

Moreover, the Ivorians had many chances in the first and second half but they messed them up.

The Moroccans are very good runners, so, the Ivorians were trying to compete with them; that made them lose more energy and it also affected their performance on the pitch.

They could have taken things cool and bring out the best in them. In all they did well but it wasn’t just enough.

Definitely, they could have done better.

The Moroccans are skillful players. It wasn’t all that to expectations though but they did well.

They had some lapses in there but they know how to turn things around. That was what helped them. Their energy level too were on point.

I think their coach also did his homework well because he was the one who led them to win the AFCON some years back.

Kudos to the Man of the Game. He did an amazing job.



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