Mourinho blasts envious Klopp and Wenger

August 9, 2016

MANCHESTER UNITED boss Jose Mourinho has blasted rivals Arsene Wenger and Jurgen Klopp and told them they don’t manage big enough clubs to sign people like Paul Pogba.

Both Wenger and Klopp have criticised United’s decision to sign Pogba from Juventus in a world record deal worth £112m.
Predictably, Mourinho has hit back and taunted the respective Arsenal and Liverpool managers.Mourinho has told the duo that spending so much will never be their problem because their clubs can’t afford such deals.
Jose MourinhoLASHING OUT: Mourinho has hit back at Wenger and Klopp
Mourinho said: “I know the discussion, I understand that, sometimes in football, things happen and the club breaks the record, but this is only possible at clubs like Manchester United.
“When I heard some of the comments and heard some of the managers criticising that, I don’t think they ever have this problem because, to have this problem, you need to be at one of the top clubs in the world.
Mourinho added: “he’s a very young player, an unbelievable midfield player with such physicality but, at the same time, such agility, co-ordination, skill.
“He has everything.
“What he has to learn now is how to play with us because I always say that in football you can be a super player, like he is, but a team is a team and you need to learn how to play in the team, and the team needs to learn how to play with you.
“We need to get the best out of him and this will be a process. So if he needs protection, I am here to protect.
“I know some people think that he arrives here now and, the first time he touches the ball, he scores, but I’m here to protect him and give him the best conditions to be what we think he is going to be, which is a football player for Manchester United, a reference for this club. I’m so happy.
“He looks like a kid who is back to his old school and is finding people that he cares about and people that love him a lot.
“So I believe that, after a couple of days, he will feel like he never left the club. So I think at adaptation level, he’s not a new player – he’s just a kid back home again.”

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