July 1, 2019


Nobody would have expected Madagascar to defeat Nigerian in this game.

Madagascar came fully prepared; to them, it was a “do or die“ affair.
They were fit and smart.

Their performances were just on point and they utilized every opportunity in this game. Their coach sat down, and did his homework very well before coming.

Madagascar’s delivery was just on point. They could have scored more goals against Nigerians if given more time because they created more chances.
In all, they did super amazing. Their coach should keep the high spirit; they shouldn’t relent. Anything is possible.

Nigerians thought they were in a comfortable lead. So, no need to put in more effort.

They, however, looked down on Madagascar and they never expected that defeat.

They were picked by surprise. They delivered very poorly. This is not the Super Eagles that we all know but I hope their coach learnt something from this game.

He’d have to do his homework, well, and come back well-fit.

Lessons learnt from today’s game: nobody should take any team for granted.



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