Omar fails to top Impacto

August 11, 2016

Abdul Wahid Omar has become the latest casualty of Team Ghana at the ongoing Rio Olympics.

After dominating the crucial R3 of his bantamweight fight against Argentine Alberto Melian, Ghana’s Abdul Wahid Omar got handed a verdict he couldn’t believe.

The judges decided the Argentine, aka Impacto, won all three rounds, when the first two were split between the two.

In the crucial third round, Omar stayed active, aggressive, on the offensive.

Omar kept Melian on the end of his jabs, mixed in with hooks, inflicting a cut on the Argentine, creating a halt to the proceedings.

Once the ring doctor approved a continuation, Melian tried to cut the distance, copping some straight rights from a confident Omar.

Omar ended the round a clear winner of it, raising his hand in anticipation, while Melian seemed despondent, inspite of the small pocket of Argentine fans that kept cheering throughout the fight.

Was the cheering Argentines the factor that swayed the judges? Who knows? They returned a unanimous verdict that stunned Team Omar, and the unbiased fans at the arena.

With that outcome, Ghana continues to count the list of casualties at the Rio olympics, having been eliminated from swimming (two events), judo and the latest, boxing.

It is a poor reflection of the history of Ghana in olympic boxing.

Clement ‘Ike’ Quartey (silver), Eddie Blay (bronze) and Prince Amartey (bronze) set the bar at the Rome Games in 1960, the Tokyo 1964 and Munich 1972 olympics.

To date, boxing accounts for three of the four medals Ghana has won at the olympics, football being the other (bronze) at the Barcelona ’92 Games, where the Black Meteors were coached by Sam Arday to record victory over Austria, thanks to a famous Isaac Asare conversion of a distant freekick.

Incidentally, none of Ghana’s seven world boxing champions ever attained olympic glory.

For perspective, that helps Team Omar, but indeed, it is a great disappointment for Team Ghana, in need of a spark plug.

Yet, she marches on, in the pursuit of glory for Mother Ghana. Elusive? Perhaps. Yet, it is never over until it is.


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