Overmatched Yeison Cohen dies after stoppage

March 18, 2018

FIFTEEN days after collapsing in the seventh round of a fight with journeyman Hugo Berrio, Venezuela’s Yeison Cohen passed away in the hospital yesterday at the age of 28.

The WBA reportedly covered Cohen’s medical bills.

That was a fight that should never have happened.

Cohen entered the fight with a 2-7-1 record, no victories in his prior eight fights, and KO losses in two of his previous three appearances.

Berrio, meanwhile, was 25-7-1 and had shared the ring with the likes of Oscar Escandon and Evgeny Gradovich, fighting the latter to a majority decision.

The WBA is calling for greater authority among local commissions in order to prevent mismatches like that. It does not seem terribly feasible, although it wouldn’t be unwelcome.

Record padding like this is one of boxing’s most egregious aspects, tragically resulting in a case of amother “tomato can” dying, requires an immediate axing of that malpractice.

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