Pass The First Test, Kurt

November 1, 2019

Today marks the one-week milestone of Kurt Okraku beating a strong field of candidates for the high office of the president of the Ghana Football Association.

Kurt Okraku, GFA president

NEW GFA PRESIDENT: Kurt Edwin Simeon Okraku


In the wake of that development have emerged all kinds of narratives, some bordering on disillusionnent of some of the candidates, tales of brazen vote-buying, and the back-door appointment of an assistant men’s senior national team coach.

Also, tales of discontent from certain quarters in the freshly-minted, yet incomplete Executive Council regarding the modus operandi of Kurt Okraku snubbing the Exco and carrying out his official duties with members of his campaign team, have dominated the airwaves.

A member of the Kurt Okraku GFA presidential campaign team, trading a handshake with President Nana Addo during the visit


There may be foreboding danger potentially waylaying the “game changer” mantra of the new administration in transition to officially take over the reins of power from the Normalization Committee, the misnamed, supposed conveyor of transformational change, hardly discernible.

Yet, the most significant development, so far, has turned out to be the meeting of two presidents: Gfa president, Kurt Okraku responding to an invitation by the President of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Addo.

PHOTOS: GFA boss Kurt Okraku meets President Akufo-Addo

PRESIDENTIAL HANDSHAKE: Ghana’s President, Nana Addo welcoming new GFA president, Kurt Okraku, to the Jubilee House, last week.


Following the soundbites and the shots of that meeting, however, there is the urgency to caution the new administration that the honeymoon period of ceremonies is over, already, at the one-week mark.

Now, it is time for work to begin. First point of interest is the completion of the Exco election and the official handing over of other instruments of power from the NC to the Kurt Okraku administration. Of particular interest to some members of the public is the financial figures.

It calls for transparency, not only of the departing NC, but also of the new helmsmen. That is the first test.

For instance, how much money was in the Gfa account when the NC assumed office in September, last year? How much of it is in the kitty, now? Where is the fiscal audit certifying the stewardship of the NC?

Where is the auditing of the NC’s financial stewardship of the supposed Special Competition shored up with the public purse of the people of Ghana?

Also, where is the NC’s accounting of its financial stewardship regarding its role at the Egypt 2019 Afcon, mentioned by the sports minister, Isaac Asiamah, to the Parliament of Ghana?

This is the first test of discernible changing of the game the Kurt Okraku administration must pass in order to generate the anticipated passion and excitement of a new dawn, lest it runs the risk of being labelled as big on ceremony, small on imperatives.

Pass the first test, Kurt Okraku, and inspire confidence, creating the passion, and get rid of the dirt in Ghana Football, get out the wealth underneath the dirt, share the wealth, and leave the greatest legacy since the first Ohene Djan administration.

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