Play league match – Brazil FA tells decimated Chapecoense

December 1, 2016

Chapecoense have been asked to fulfill their next league fixture in tribute to the players and staff who died in a plane crash.

A flight carrying the Chapecoense squad, club officials and a number of journalists, crashed en route to Colombia for the club’s Copa Sudamericana final first leg against Atletico Nacional.

Ivan Tozzo was previously vice president and assumed duties as the head of the club following the crash that killed 71 people.

Chapecoense president Ivan Tozzo revealed the Brazilian FA had asked the club to play

Some of the remaining Chapecoense players who were left behind when the team travelled

He has revealed that the Brazilian FA’s president Marco Polo del Nero has asked they play Atletico Mineiro on December 11.

Tozzo explained: ‘I spoke with president Marco Polo del Nero and he told me the game against Atletico Mineiro, which is our next game, we’re going to have a big event in Chapeco, it is going to be scheduled.

‘I replied to him: “But we don’t have 11 players to put on the field!”

‘He said to me: “You guys have it. You have an Under-20s side. Play the players that are recovering from injury, which is five or six players, and another who is ready to play, and then complete the team with juniors.

Brazilian FA president Marco Polo del Nero said the club should fulfill the game in tribute

‘”It doesn’t matter what the final score is. We have to have a big party that you deserve, that Chapeco deserves, that the region deserves, that Santa Catarina deserves, and that Brazil deserves.”‘

Several Brazilian clubs have offered to loan Chapecoense players so that they can fulfill their fixtures. Their squad has been decimated by the crash.

Atletico Nacional have asked that CONMEBOL, South American football’s governing body, award Chapecoense the Copa Sudamericana after the incident.

Tozzo explained to the president that they did not have enough players to fulfill the fixture

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