Ric Flair, 67, deadlifts 400lb

January 4, 2017
The Nature Boy posted an incredible video on his Twitter account showing him rolling back the years to pump some serious iron.
Stood in some fetchinggymwear, the silver-haired stallion readies himself behind the giant bar – stacked with400lb weights either side.Shouted on by a handful of onlookers, he manages to pull off the incredible lift, trembling as he hauls the enormous load to waist-height before dropping it back down and letting out a triumphant shout.

Ric Flair deadlifting The WWE legend deadlifted 400lb in the gym recently

More than 2,000 people have already retweeted the clip since itwas uploaded earlier this afternoon – even earning kudos from fellowWWE Hall ofFamer Hacksaw Jim Duggan.“Impressive Rick!” he wrote.

“Way to GOOOOO!”

Another viewer wrote: “I hope I’m half as cool when I reach my 70s!”

“Incredible lift, still so strong. One more match in the WWE please!”

Ric Flair posing for a photograph GETTYFlair retired from performing in the ring in 2012

A third viewer tweeted: “Watching the Nature Boy clanging and banging! Wow ifthats not inspiring what is…?”Earlier this month, WWE icon Triple H claimed the company was in talks with UFC star Ronda Rousey over a return to the ring.

Rousey is said to be considering retirement from MMA and the WWE could be a perfect match for the former bantamweight champion.

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