Stop Bribing Referees – GFA Exco member

August 9, 2016


Soccer Eddie Doku1Exco member, Eddy Doku

Eddy Doku, a member of the Executive Committee of the Ghana Football Association and a member of the Referees Appointment Committee has warned club administrators to stop bribing referees.

In the 88th minute of a Match Day 23 premier league match between hosts Kotoko and Dreams FC, referee Nathan Annafo awarded a controversial penalty to the home team.

Various coaches that played away in the Match Day 23 fixtures bitterly complained about the attitude of referees.

The administrative manager of Dream FC, Ameenu Shardow, described the referee as an armed robber due to the way he awarded penalty to Kotoko.

Indeed, many football fans who have watched the playback of the video shows clearly that it was not a penalty.

Interim coach of Kumasi Asante Kotoko, Michael Osei after match said if care is not taken, someone will die one day (from potential mayhem resulting from violence spinning off hooliganism).

His statement has generated a lot controversies on (the reasons) why he said that but the a member of the referees appointment committee member, Eddy Doku believes that if club administrators want officials to officiates matches, then they should stop paying bribes to referees.

Speaking to Asempa Sports, Doku said, “I am a bit surprised because you can’t call any referee an armed robber or a murderer because he has not committed any crime.

“If you have anything that is bordering you, you refer it to the referee review committee but concerning Kotoko and Dreams FC, I have watched the video but we shouldn’t jump into conclusion that it was not a penalty or not …

“ … I will personally report the incident to the committee because (from) what I saw, I think nothing critically happened. So, I will send it to the committee for them to determine it.

“We will need prayers and as I speak, I am having clubs that I am running at the lower divisions and when I sit at the bench and watch some attitude of the referees, I will say it incompetence or human error …

“ … it is different in the Premiership and as I speak, there are eight referees that have been punished already but I can again assure the clubs that there are good referees among them.

He continued, “(Given) My position as the Committee Chairman of the Referees Appointment Committee, it is my core duty to ensure that we get good referees to officiates our league matches but I will also like to say that the club administrators should also stop paying bribes …

“ … we should rather come together and repair the damages in our football if we want the league to progress.

“I don’t have control on the club administrators but I have absolute power over the referees.

“So, I am telling the referees that they should always go and do their best any day on the field of play and I am saying that if you are referee and you are being caught at the review panel, you will be punished and you will never return back to officiate matches,” concluded Doku.


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