Suarez’s strange training method

October 4, 2016


Liverpool are impressing in the Premier League right now, but what would they give to have Luis Suarez back?

The Uruguayan is currently tearing defences apart for Barcelona in La Liga, but the memories of him banging in goal after goal in a red shirt are still pretty fresh on Merseyside.

And it seems as though the secret to his Anfield success has now been revealed.

Former Reds teammate Danny Wilson – now at Rangers – revealed all when he told the club’s official channel, Rangers TV, that Suarez was the best player he had ever trained with.

Danny Wilson in his Liverpool days, with his laces tied

He than added:

“The strange thing was he never used to tie his boots when he was training.”

Now that’s weird.

Laces in, Luis

Perhaps he used to leave his laces untied in the knowledge that whatever he did in training would then come easier to him in a match? Or maybe he just wanted to give his teammates more of a chance?

Either way, it obviously worked for him.

Cue thousands of kids of Merseyside playing with untied laces.


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