Toni Nadal will split with nephew Rafa

Rafael Nadal’s coach and uncle has announced a shock split from the 14-time Grand Slam champion, according to reports in Italy.

Toni Nadal is quoted as saying that he will no longer accompany the Spanish tennis legend on the ATP Tour and complained that he had now been left out of decision-making.

‘From next year I will no longer follow Rafael on the circuit and I will focus exclusively on our academy,’ he told

Nadal’s spokesman Benito Perez told AFP that the decision had come as a shock.

‘These words took us somewhat by surprise,’ Perez said.

Toni Nadal confirms split with nephew Rafa
Nadal finished as runner-up in the Australian Open

‘If he said that, then he means just that.

‘I will speak to Rafa about it in the coming days.

‘I don’t think we will be immediately communicating on this subject.’

Despite the apparent split, Toni insisted there’s no rift with the 2017 Australian Open finalist.

‘Relations with my nephew are still excellent. During all these years, we have never been through a crisis,’ he added.

‘Until he was 17 years old, it was me who decided everything. Then Carlos Costa arrived as manager. Then his father became closer, each having his opinions.

‘And the truth is that every year I had less decision-making, until the day when I will decide on nothing.’