Top Argentine referee faces ban … for using tv replay

April 6, 2015

Arguably Argentina’s top referee, Germán Delfino, faces a possible ban after overturning a penalty AND a red card on the strength of a television replay.

Ultimately, Delfino’s decision was correct. But Velez Sarsfield – who went from being a penalty and a man up to seeing their own player carded – were left fuming with the decision and debate has raged.

The 36-year-old official is considered the best in the country, and was set to head to June’s Copa America along with the country’s most senior ref, Nestor Pitana.

But he is now under investigation after admitting that things were handled “sloppily” in the aftermath of an incident which has brought video technology and its usage back into the spotlight.


Velez manager Miguel Angel Russo remained angry at how events had unfolded. “Delfino has every right to change his decision,” Russo said. “But by his own decision, not off the television.

“The Fifa rules are very clear, they don’t accept technology… If cameras are to exist then let them be used for everyone.”

Delfino fronted up, but nervously admitted the situation wasn’t handled well:

“You’ve got to be strong. I changed the decision because of my colleague, we are a team.

“If it was handball by Pavone then I’m happy that there was justice… but it was sloppy and I’m responsible.

“The procedure was horrible. It can’t happen like this.”

As for reprieved defender Daniel Valencia, he was eventually sent off in the 95th minute for a second (third?) yellow.

SOURCE: The Mirror

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