Tottenham vs Chelsea: The inside story of a rivalry

January 4, 2017
Tottenham and Chelsea fans
Tottenham and Chelsea fans wait at Wembley for the 2015 League Cup final to begin 

London’s football tribes, originally developed like others throughout the nation on territorial grounds, have naturally become more fluid over the past 50 years as the capital has become less a collection of distinct towns and boroughs, each with its own identity and sense of civic pride, and more of a homogeneous sprawl.

Tottenham and Chelsea, like West Ham and Chelsea, are not adjacent but the distance between their heartlands, or ‘manors’ as some of their supporters would prefer, is negligible compared with most local rivalries elsewhere in England.

So, the notion that Spurs and Chelsea, who meet for the 138th time in a league match, today, are somehow ersatz adversaries is facile.

It is true enough that Tottenham have a more long-standing antagonism with Arsenal and matches between Fulham and Chelsea between the wars and in the late Forties drew bumper crowds to Stamford…

SOURCE: telegraph. co. uk

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