We have nothing to hide – Dr. Kofi Amoah

December 17, 2018

FIFA-appointed Normalization Committee overseeing Ghana Football’s transition to normalcy has come under scrutiny over its perceived secrecy over pecuniary matters.

Last week, ekowasmahsports.com managed to book an interview with the NC’s president, Dr. Kofi Amoah, to discuss sundry matters, including transparency, for its readers.

Below are some excerpts:

EAS: Have you received anything from Fifa?

DKA: Eh, okay, the, when, when a federation’s going through Normalization, they (Fifa) cease (payment of the stipulated annual $1.25m to member associations). Okay?

EAS: That 1.2(5) ceases?

DKA: Yea, you don’t get development money, but, …

EAS: You get some extra …

DKA: Yea, they give you money, for, to pay the employees, yea, just to keep going. And, eh, so, …

EAS: And, then, that is how much?

DKA: What?

EAS: What they give you, in place of the typical …

DKA: Why do you wanna know, that?

EAS: Oh, the public has a right to know, that.

DKA: (Laughter)

EAS: I think it’s the inalienable right of the public to repose great confidence in team-leader, president Kofi, Dr. Kofi Amoah.

DKA: (prolonged laughter) My brother, Ekow Asmah, the money is from Fifa, …

EAS: Yes, …

DKA: … to its member association …

EAS: Which is not a secret.

DKA: No, wait, wait, wait, you know, I think there has to be, also, eh, a little bit of respect for some, eh, relationship.

You know, Fifa’s position is this: when they (the GFA) formed the P.I.C (Public Interest Committee), because the agitation has always been, ‘government finances national teams, this and that, (so) how come government has no say?’.

You know, when I went to the management board of the FA, I was appointed by government. At that time, government appointed two people, …

EAS: Yes.

DKA: … and then one becomes the FA (vice president), you know.

Yea, I went with Dr. Nyaho Tamakloe, at that time, and then, remember when Dr. Nyaho Tamakloe took Ghana to Fifa, that it was not, the whole thing changed, and then government could no longer appoint anybody, and they had to be elected.

So, the government lost its influence on the football, eh, matters.

And so, later on, for government to get certain inside-look, Fifa’s position was that, ‘you can only get inside-look to monies that you give to the FA.

‘Monies we give to the FA is not your business. We have a global accounting firm (Price Waterhouse Coopers took over from KPMG) that goes to audit all the FAs around the world, and they bring us the report’.

So, that one is between Fifa and the associations. So, I don’t want to breach, that (modus operandi).

EAS: So, this (answering the original question of revenue from Fifa) would be a breach?

DKA: No, if you can write to, if you like, Mr. Asmah, you can, you write very well, you can write to Fifa that you’d be interested to know how much money it advances the Ghana Football Association, and I’m sure they’ll respond.

EAS: No, I mean, for, not the typical because you say it ceases when they (Fifa) have a Normalization Committee (in place).

DKA: No, no, when they, what we’re getting is the normal, eh, is it quarterly, that they (Fifa) send.

What they don’t give you, when you’re in Normalization, is funds for development.

EAS: Et cetera, et cetera.

DKA: Yea, like, you’re building at Prampram (the GFA’s so-called Centre for Excellence), or, you know.

EAS: So, every quarter, you get something?

DKA: Yea, you know, subvention, here and there.

EAS: So, did you get it before you started?

DKA: No.

EAS: You just got it.

DKA: No, I won’t say, ‘just (got it)’. Eh, maybe, a month, ago.

EAS: Okay.

DKA: But there was some monies, but there was some monies, …

EAS: It was hefty?

DKA: No, no, no. Infact, it’s less than, it’s less than $100, 000.

EAS: Wow.

DKA: It’s less than $70, 000.

EAS: Wow.

DKA: It’s less than $60, 000 (laughter).

EAS: Wow.

DKA: (Laughter) So, now, from zero …

EAS: From $50, 000 to $59, 999 …

DKA: (Laughter) Whatever, so, but I’ll give you in a quantum.

But when we came (into office as the NC), there was some money in the FA account. It was not dry.

EAS: Was it healthy?

DKA: It was okay.

EAS: About half a million dollars?

DKA: No, but it also has a lot of debts. A lot of people say, you know, …

EAS: So, you’re still doing the reconciliation.

DKA: Yea, we’re trying to save. We’re not in a hurry to pay anybody without documentation.

EAS: Okay. Are you guys getting paid, at all, for this job?

DKA: Fifa pays us something. Yes.

EAS: Small money like $5, 000 each a month?

DKA: Something. They pays us something.

EAS: Is it more than that or less than that?

DKA: It’s something.

EAS: So, it’s not less than $5, 000. Right?

DKA: It’s something.

EAS: It’s something. Something in that region?

DKA: In that region. Yes.

EAS: Okay, about $5, 000.

DKA: In that region. Yes. It’s fair.

EAS: And is it split, is everybody getting about $5, 000 or as president, you take twice or thrice?

DKA: No, I don’t get twice. I don’t take twice but I get slightly more.

EAS: So, you get about $8, 000, and they …?

DKA: It’s nowhere near, nowhere near that.

EAS: So, $6, 000, and they (the other NC members) get $5, 000?

DKA: (Prolonged laughter)

EAS: (You) see, Dr. Amoah, I appreciate this opportunity. I thank you, very much.

DKA: Thank you, thank you, thank you, very much.

I can assure you that we have nothing to hide.


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