We know nothing about it – Naa Odofoley Nortey

December 4, 2019


Yesterday, ekowasmahsports received a call back from the legal mind regarding the aforementioned subject of a $1m cash payment effected by Glo, a Nigerian telecom giant operating in Ghana, to one Frank Davies, the personal lawyer of the immediate past boss of Ghana Football, Dr. Kofi Amoah.

Mrs. Nortey, who initially did not want to discuss the subject, opened up, stressing, “Seriously, I can speak for (fellow ex-NC member) Sammy (Osei Kuffour) and myself when I say, we know nothing about what happened.

“We all heard it just like you. We all heard,” she concluded.

It is the second time a member of the former decision-makers of Ghana Football, the Normalization Committee, has cast serious doubts about the propriety of the aforementioned $1m cash payment.

Yesterday, when ekowasmahsports broached the subject, Osei Kuffour retorted, “What’s that got to do with me?”.

Yet, a press statement issued yesterday by Dr. Kofi Amoah, the only other member of the NC seeing out their tenure on November 17, 2019, sharply contrasts contentions of the other two former NC members, Naa Nortey and Samuel Osei Kuffour.

It stated, inter alia “The NC met with GLO Representatives in search of solution …”

At this point, ekowasmahsports asks, which NC? Minus Naa Nortey and Osei Kuffour, how is that “The NC”?

It adds, “Meetings and correspondences ensued between the NC and Mr. Frank Davies of Davies & Davies Law Firm regarding the NC’s determination to collect the Award”.

Again, we ask, which NC?

It continues, “Davies & Davies expressed the interest and ability to do the work and collect the award funds for the GFA

It was agreed between the NC and Davies & Davies Law Firm for the entire Award funds to be collected and if the firm was successful, it would be paid 10% of any/or all of the recovered amount”.

Again, ekowasmahsports asks, which NC, since the other two members claim no knowledge of the said transaction, and one states that they only “heard it just like you, we all heard”?

Did Dr. Kofi Amoah and his personal lawyer, Frank Davies, reconstitute the NC as the shadow members? We wonder.

Again, the statement contends, “We were told, and the rate card of fees approved by the Ghana Bar Association confirmed, that collection of funds by a lawyer attracted 10%-25% of recovered amount. This arrangement is in writing as well as in the minutes of the NC board meetings”.

At this stage, we are inclined to ask, who constitute the “We” and which “NC board meetings”, since the only other NC members known to the public, Naa Odofoley Nortey and Samuel Osei Kuffour claim no such knowledge?

Per Dr. Amoah’s own aforementioned press statement, he stated his lawyer received the $1m cash payment from Glo, on November 20, 2019, THREE CLEAR DAYS after the termination of the NC’s mandate

Ironically, by that date, the incumbent president of the Ghana Football Association, Kurt Okraku, had assumed the reins of power since Friday, October 25, 2019, TWENTY-SIX CLEAR DAYS before the illegal receipt.

ekowasmahsports will keep readers updated.

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