Wilder’s Thunder: Pros sing praises

May 19, 2019

Deontay Wilder delivered the power as usual, and here’s what the pros had to say on Twitter.


Reactions to Deontay Wilder’s one-punch, first round knockout of Dominic Breazeale are about what you would expect: some shock and awe as soon as the punch landed, followed by more developed thoughts.

Wilder and Breazeale both talked the talk ahead of the fight, and then one man walked the walk.

Having already shown Breazeale his power with one right hand, which pushed Breazeale back into a corner, Wilder all but took a running start to land a massive right that put Breazeale down and all but out cold.

Breazeale, to his credit, did struggle to his feet, but not in time to beat the count. And if you’re wondering, all the talk ended as soon as the fight did, as the two embraced after it was over.

Here’s what some pros had to say on Twitter about the KO, and if you haven’t seen it yet, check out the highlights from the show.

caleb truax


Jesus christ 👀

Hasim Rahman Jr.@_HasimRahmanJr




WOW 😲!

Jesse Hart@1hollywoodHart

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 why man they put this fight together come on man



That’s why @anthonyfjoshua ducking that work💯💯💯💯



Listen! Excuse what I am about to say! “THAT Mf @BronzeBomber CAN BANG! 💥!” @ShowtimeBoxing

Gervonta Davis



The Magic Man 🎩


Wow!! It hasn’t been that type of devastating KO power since Iron Mike Tyson @MikeTyson @ShowtimeBoxing @premierboxing

Ohara Davies


That shot breazeal got knocked out with is the same shot @Tyson_Fury took and got up from acting like nothing happened. Wilders power is something, furys chin and determination is also something interesting

Steve Cunningham


Real talk

Ray Flores@SBRFlores

The kind of power @BronzeBomber has is once in a generation. We haven’t seen that kind of power in the heavyweight division since Mike Tyson. Deontay has that one punch eraser and if he lands it, you’re going down.

Ryan Garcia


Wilder actually tried to do what he said with that right punch

And at least one person took notice of Luis Ortiz’s look in the ring after the fight:

Jamel Herring


I didn’t know if Ortiz was trying to make a fight or sell his mixtape. I know y’all seen the chain.

SOURCE: badlefthook.com

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