So, what have the legends had to say?

Paul Pogba is on the verge of completing his return to Manchester United, with a fee agreed with Juventus and the midfielder having undergone a medical.

The question now is will he be a success?

We take a look at what some Old Trafford legends have had to say about the France international:

Gary Neville: ‘Strength and personality’

‘It’s important, not just for United, that they sign players of stature and personality.

‘With Mourinho going there, and now with Zlatan and Pogba, they have players who can fill the shirt, they will stick their shoulders out.

‘They will have the strength and personality, which is what Manchester United haves lacked for two or three years

‘Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Nemanja Vidic, Rio Ferdinand and Patrice Evra among others left, they had big personalities and they were propping the club up in the changing rooms.

‘You need big shoulders and guts to play for Manchester United. The idea of Zlatan and Pogba returning there is big on the personality front.’

Will Paul Pogba be a success?
Gary Neville 

Paul Scholes: ‘Determined’

‘He was a very good footballer: technically excellent, and he knew how to strike a ball. He spoke to me about improving his range of passing. So, after training we would spend time pinging the ball to each other from 50 yards’ distance.

‘He had stronger suits to his game than his long passing – his power, his technique at close quarters, his athleticism – but he was determined to get better at what he thought was the weaker part of his game.’

Will Paul Pogba be a success?
Paul Scholes is one of United’s greatest ever midfielders 

Rio Ferdinand: ‘Is he worth 100m? I don’t know’

‘When he left I said ‘why you leaving? To Juventus? Why you leaving?’ And he said ‘ I want to be the best player in the world’.

‘They were his words to me and he’s on the right track. He’s not there yet.

‘The kid at the moment in a Juventus shirt produces magic moments, moments of high class, game-changing moments. For £100m you want someone who can develop into someone who can dictate a game in his position, can win games on his own and drag his team over the line.

‘Can he develop into that player? I think, yes, he’s got the potential to do that. Is he worth 100m? I don’t know. Is anyone worth 20m?’

Will Paul Pogba be a success?
Rio Ferdinand at Old Trafford 

Phil Neville: ‘He is not going to dominate a game on the ball like an Alonso or Scholes’

‘I think you are getting one of the best midfield players in the world.

‘I think you are getting someone who is not going to dominate a game on the ball like a Xabi Alonso or a Paul Scholes but is going to go from box to box.

‘His physicality is always something that has stood out. Even when he was younger at the academy at Man United, he was always bigger than everybody else, he was always quicker than everybody else, he was always more powerful.

‘He will give the Man United midfield that power and that stature that I think they have missed for the last two or three seasons.’

Will Paul Pogba be a success?
Phil Neville

Roy Keane: ‘He will be a top player for the next ten years’

‘What you’re looking at, is the potential of him.

‘He’s still a young player and he will mature over the next few years, and that’s why, if he does go back to United, they’re still buying that potential.

‘But he will be a top player for the next ten years.’

Gary Pallister: ‘He’s got something we’ve lacked’

‘With Pogba, he’s got that physicality and that energy that I think he’ll bring that to the middle of midfield and maybe that’s something we’ve lacked.

‘United have not had that really for a number of years. We’ve had people like (Ander) Herrera, Bastian (Schweinsteiger) and Micheal (Carrick), but sometimes you really need someone to go war – like a (Bryan) Robson or a (Roy) Keane – to be an enforcer and I think Pogba can bring that to be table.’

Will Paul Pogba be a success?
Gary Pallister 

Wayne Rooney: ‘He’ll feel there is unfinished business’

‘The bruises (says Rooney when asked what he remembers from Pogba’s original spell at United). He was one of those players who, when you trained against him, somehow he would just hurt you. A knee in your side, bump into you, I don’t think he meant to do it, but it just happened.

‘You didn’t even need to get into a tackle. Just go next to him and you’d find an elbow or some other sharp bit. So, if he comes, I’m looking forward to that again! But he had great ability, some of the things he could do, and he’s gone up a level since he left us.

‘I hope he is going to want to return to United and prove he’s a top-class player. If he is excited to play for us, we’ll be excited to have him back. I’m sure he’ll feel there is unfinished business, and it would be a very big statement by the club if they can make it happen.’

Will Paul Pogba be a success?
Wayne Rooney is looking forward to hooking back up with Pogba 

Bryan Robson: ‘He has a good temperament’

‘Sir Alex Ferguson allowed me to watch training as Pogba joined the first team squad [as a teenager]. I was very impressed with him.

‘He has got a good build, he is an athletic lad, is a very good player and has a good temperament as well. It is going to be a very good signing for Manchester United.’

Will Paul Pogba be a success?
Bryan Robson 

Ryan Giggs: ‘He’s got everything’

‘He’s a talented player. He can shoot with both feet, pass the ball with both feet and you don’t realise how big he is.

‘Physically he’s immense, he’s strong, he’s quick, and he’s got everything. He has got everything.’

Will Paul Pogba be a success?
Ryan Giggs has now left Manchester United