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Ghana (West Africa)


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@, we aim to update our readers with notable human interest stories of all sporting disciplines – as well as current news items – as much as possible.

Also, we aim to bring stories from obscurity to the attention of our readers, focusing on spotlighting the exhibition of athletic prowess shunned by other media.

We also mine history, reminding readers of important milestones recorded in the past – on the day – however many years back, carrying readers on a journey in the memory lane.

Also, we afford readers an opportunity to share with us their feedback; we also aim to publish some opinions or articles of readers, editing as little as possible, without breaching journalistic ethics.

For all of these services, we are hereby notifying our readers, following requests by some, that donations may be made through mobile money services to the phone number provided above.

We promise to keep delivering the aforementioned services, and aim to add audiovisual clips and other necessary services to retain your patronage and continued input.

We thank you.


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